About Insertech

Who are we?

Insertech Angus is a non-profit insertion enterprise that trains unemployed young adults, while giving a second life to the computer equipment collected from companies and organizations.

Insertech offers a complete and affordable IT solution to meet the technological needs of the community: sale of refurbished computers, repair services, computer courses and techno activities.

By reusing and repairing equipment, Insertech helps to fight overconsumption, too rapid obsolescence, pollution and waste of resources.

Insertech is a charitable organization recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency. As a member of the Collectif des entreprises d’insertion du Québec, Insertech collaborates with the Ministère du Travail, de l’Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale to ensure the successful socio-professional integration of young people.

Insertech is also part of the large family of social economy enterprises. It’s a different way of conducting economy, which aims at community returns and the defense of the common good, directly linked to the needs and aspirations of communities.


To help young adults who are unemployed learn a trade, integrate socially and enter the job market, using computer equipment recovered from businesses. To provide the community with affordable and environmentally friendly access to technology.


Insertech aims for Quebec to prioritize the reuse and repair of computer equipment while addressing the social inclusion of those distant from the job market and those affected by the digital divide.


  • Inclusion
  • Support
  • Democratization
  • Sharing
  • Collaboration
  • Sobriety
  • Responsible consumption
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Our impact

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1.500 young people trained

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+200,000 units repaired or refurbished


For the community

Since 1998



  • Start of activities under the name of CIFER Angus


  • Move to the Technopôle Angus


  • CIFER Angus becomes Insertech Angus
  • Membership in the Collectif des entreprises d’insertion du Québec


  • Set up of a couter for sales to the public


  • Start of the technical repair service


  • Opening of the Insertech shop


  • Start of the training service to the public


  • Start of field technical services for SMEs and organizations
  • Carbon neutral assessment and implementation of an environmental management system


  • Collaboration in a life cycle environmental and social analysis
  • Launch of “DÉDUIRre”, the computer equipment disposal service for companies


  • New corporate image


  • Launch of the online store
  • Launch of the environmental awareness campaign “Refurbish is good for everyone! »


  • 1st Réparothon Insertech
  • Special Project: Techno-responsible Guide
  • Special Project: Techno-active Guide


  • Special Project: Computing for Seniors
  • Special Project: Youth Techno-Engagement in the Community


  • Relocation to 4820 Molson and opening of the Computer Services Centre for the community
  • Special Project: Youth Techno-Engagement in the Community (Phase 2)


  • Special Project: Towards a Techno-Engaged Community
  • Special Project: Coding Introduction for Children with Ozobots Mini-Robots
  • Special Project: Repairing, an Eco-Citizen Movement


  • Creation of Espace Aînés
  • Insertech identified as a priority establishment during COVID
  • Special Project: Free Technical Support for Small Businesses


  • Agnes Beaulieu’s retirement and Marie-France Bellemare’s appointment as General Manager


  • Insertech wins a significant tender
  • Novae Award for Espace Aînés (one of the top 20 impactful projects of the year)


  • Newly redesigned common spaces

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Certifications and Awards


Novae Award: Insertech among the top 20 impactful projects of the year for the Espaces Aînés project, which equips seniors to access the digital world.


Certified ISO 14001:2015


2014 Green CEO Award won by Agnes Beaulieu in the Small Business category


Novae Prize for Corporate Citizenship 2014, in the Business Strategy category, to reward our global approach to sustainable development in IT


Reconditioner certified by the Recyclers Qualification Office (RQO), according to the ERRS 2012 standard, approved by EPRA-Quebec


Winner of the Génie de l’économie sociale 2012 competition


Novae 2012 – Concours québécois en écoconception Prize – Small Business category


Award from the Gala de reconnaissance en environnement et en développement durable de Montréal

The adoption of an environmental policy allows Insertech Angus to clearly reaffirm its commitment to sustainable development, to set out its environmental commitments and to inform all its stakeholders. Environmental protection is an integral part of its activities. Insertech Angus is committed to minimizing the risks and impacts that its products, services and activities related to the processing of computer equipment can generate on the environment.

Insertech Angus is committed to:

  • Determine and review annually its legal and regulatory compliance obligations;
  • Ensure that its operations are conducted in compliance with the laws, regulations and standards that have an impact on environmental management and to which Insertech Angus is subject;
  • Maintain an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001 throughout the organization and its activities;
  • Promptly correct any non-conformities that may be detected in its processes;
  • Prevent, control and reduce emissions into the environment;
  • Control the environmental aspects of its activities in order to prevent their negative impacts;
  • Respect the hierarchy of Source Reduction, Reuse, Recycling, Valorization and Disposal in its operations and in the management of its residual materials;
  • Favour suppliers who strive to minimise the impact of their activities on the environment;
  • Collaborate with governments, businesses, the community and relevant interest groups to promote environmental protection;
  • Demonstrate ethics, integrity and transparency;
  • Ensure that each employee complies with this policy and understands his or her responsibilities with respect to its implementation;
  • Report annually on its efforts and environmental performance to the Board of Administrators, its employees and other stakeholders.

This environmental policy provides Insertech Angus with a framework for setting its environmental objectives and annually evaluating its performance through a continuous improvement process.

Marie-France Bellemare
General Manager

Revalidated on 3 July 2023

Insertech Angus is a non-profit organization that, since 1998, has been offering young adults in difficulty a six-month employee integration program in a computer equipment reuse workshop. To meet regulatory, economic and social challenges, Insertech maintains an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001. The system applies to the entire organization, located on the Angus Technopole in Montreal.

The system covers all activities, products and services over which Insertech has control or can have an influence. It covers, in particular, the collection of electronic equipment, reconditioning of equipment, secure erasure of data and destruction of unusable disks, dismantling of components, resale of equipment, repair of customers equipment, internal and external training.

The environmental management system refers to all compliance obligations to which Insertech subscribes and which are directly applicable to environmental aspects, occupational health and safety and potential emergency situations, including those likely to have an environmental impact. These requirements apply in particular to federal, provincial and municipal laws and regulations, such as the Loi sur la qualité de l’environnement (environment quality act), the Règlement sur les matières dangereuses (hazardous materials regulations), the Règlement sur la récupération et la valorisation des produits par les entreprises (regulations on the collection and valorization of products by enterprises), and the Règlement sur la Santé et sécurité au travail (occupational health and safety regulations).

Insertech’s environmental management system meets the expectations of its main stakeholders: the governments of Canada and Quebec, the City of Montreal, EPRA-Quebec, computer equipment suppliers, customers, the community, the owner of the premises occupied by Insertech. It also concerns Insertech’s commitments to its Board of Administrators and employees, to whom it provides training on the environmental aspects of its activities and on occupational health and safety.

As a provider of reuse services recognized by the EPRA-Quebec program, Insertech is committed to respecting the partnership agreement with EPRA-Quebec on the management and processing of electronic products and to respecting the Electronics Reuse and Refurbishing Standard (ERRS) for all equipment collected from businesses and the community.

The current societal trend places a strong emphasis on recycling devices at the end of their useful life rather than encouraging their reuse by another user, thus prolonging their life. This is an important environmental issue in Quebec but also an economic issue for Insertech. Insertech therefore carries out voluntary environmental awareness actions with companies and citizens, on compliance with the following hierarchy: reduction at source – reuse – recycling. Insertech encourages companies that have their equipment to focus on reuse before recycling.

Insertech also offers repair and training services to the public to reduce unnecessary consumption and extend the life of the equipment. Insertech encourages its customers to opt more for more responsible consumption choices, hence the growing interest in devices resulting from reuse with a lower environmental impact.

All Insertech’s activities aim to reduce the negative environmental impacts of technology and create positive social impacts for the community and the insertion of young people. Insertech’s environmental management system allows the organization to reduce the environmental risks and impacts of its activities, set objectives and measure their achievement, all with the aim of continuously improving its environmental performance.