Annual Reports

Other Documents

Mémoire Insertech BAPE residus ultimes 2021

BAPE on the management of final residues – Insertech’s brief

In May 2021 Insertech submitted a brief to the BAPE on the long-term management of ultimate residues.

We gave our recommendations to avoid electronic waste as well as the production of new devices.

Consultation OPC réparabilité durabilité

Consultation document – Durability and reparability of goods

In December 2019 Insertech took part in a consultation by the Office de la protection du consommateur (OPC) with the aim of revising the Consumer Protection Act – “loi sur la protection du consommateur” (LPC).

We gave our comments on various issues concerning the durability of household appliances, their repairability and obsolescence.

Analyse cycle de vie ordinateur CIRAIG

Life cycle analysis

This study, in which Insertech participated, quantifies the environmental impacts of two e-waste management options:

1- ecological recycling and
2- computer reconditioning leading to reuse.

Which of the two options do you think is the most environmentally friendly?