Réparothons (Restart Parties)

What’s a Réparothon?

A Réparothon is a free community event, inspired by Restart Parties, where experienced computer and electronics volunteers help you diagnose, and repair if possible, your faulty or slow devices to extend their lifespan. In a spirit of collaboration and knowledge-sharing, you take an active part in the repairs in a festive atmosphere.

Accepted devices

Image ordinateur

Desktop computers (PC/Mac)

Image portable

Laptops (PC/Mac)


Digital tablets

Image cellulaire

Smart Phones

How does it work ?


Prepare yourself: make your backups saves, take the charger of your laptop or mobile device, collect error reports or screenshots…


Meet us at the Réparothon venue. First come, first served! Don’t wait until the last minute.


Check in at the welcome table. We register your presence and send you to your volunteer’s table as soon as he or she is available.


You have about 30 minutes with your volunteer to diagnose and, if possible, repair your device. Then go back to reception to tell us it’s finished and give us the results.

Our next events

Volunteers are happy to show you how to repair, but they’re not necessarily professionals, although they’ll have the support of Insertech technicians.

A Réparothon is an event organized by and for the community, to learn how to repair your own device. Taking part means you are responsible for your own device.

By participating, you agree to the following conditions:

  • You must back up your data before bringing your device.
  • If you have purchased software on your device, you must bring your license numbers and passwords, as well as the software itself, in case you need to reinstall any of your software.
  • Only one device is allowed per person.
  • Volunteers are not necessarily professionals. You are responsible for your own device.
  • Problem resolution is not always possible.
  • You must bring your own charger/power cable.
  • We have no replacement parts or glass for phones or tablets.
  • If you need a replacement part, you’ll need to get one before coming.
  • You authorize us to take photos of you during the event, and to use the images for our communications.

Do you have repair skills and want to lend a hand?